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The Adverse Effect Of Digital Media

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Digital Media can be defined as Digitized content, in the form of text, graphics, and audio, a video transferred over the internet or any computer network. Ever since the evolution of digital media, life has become more accessible in spite of the vast difference in distances. The combined effect of the internet and personal computing, digital media has caused a disturbance in publishing, entertainment, education, commerce, social media, politics, etc. With the growing pace of digital media, technology is emerging into the new era of “Information Age”, leading to a paperless society.

Digital media has an obvious, significant and impact on the society. People rely on digital media a lot, rather than remembering things.

How is an individual a part of Digital media?
Everyone is a participant in the digital media. When sharing information in any form, an individual can be defined a content distributor, when a person uploads a self-created video, she/he can be defined a content creator. So based on the level of participation is the deciding factor for an individual to be coined what role is played in the digital media.

What effect Digital Media creates in marketing?
Digital media has made almost every business to grow their marketing strategy through the internet. Nowadays people seek for reference and advice on the internet a lot before buying any product. So when encountering about a product on the internet, the advice, and reviews that are present will help in making a decision as a customer. This decision makes a direct impact on the business of that product. Digital marketing is also developing a rapid speed, due to the response of the consumers towards the product.


What effect does Digital Media bring on users?
From kids to elderly people, the evolution of digital media has almost conquered the ability of human. Kids spend more time in front of smart gadgets, without interactive socially and culturally. This will be a massive impact when the kid grows to an adult. So people should constrain the use of digital media in the positive way possible. On the other hand, there are many beneficial applications that can develop the skills in adults. So using the power of digital media is still a win for the persons who use it in the right way.

What effect do Digital media bring in a relationship and social interaction?
It’s a hurting truth that the most crucial effect of digital media is that it has isolated individuals from friends, family, and society. This is very much evident in relationships nowadays, where we can see couples have individual phones and using it without having a talk with them. Digital media is useful, but the duration of time one uses it should be reduced.

It has to be accepted that people have reduced to participate in civic interactions ever since the emergence of digital media. Political, economic, business related, personal views and almost every aspect of an individual is registered on digital media. People may pretend to support certain issues on the digital media, whereas they would not take a single step personally to resolve that issue in the society. Good or bad, digital media and its effect on the human have now become a serious threat to the human race.

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